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the slutty section of the ninth grade class who like to fuck with people lives and make high school a hell for all the seniors.
omg i cant believe that the naughty nine sent that naked picture around!
by Jennyjenjenjen October 29, 2011
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A group of girls who think they're hot shit and won't hang out with anyone except eachother. They call themselves naughty, but most of them haven't even made out with anyone. Most of them have a nasty glare which is on their face most of the time. They cake so much makeup on it looks like they dipped their head in a bucket of paint. If only we could shove that makeup down their throat to make them pretty on the inside. They like taking pictures of themselves and editing them on instagram and pixlr to the point where it doesn't even look like them. Everyone secretly hates them, but they think too highly of themselves to realize it. They talk bad about everyone including not hang out with these girls.
Girl 1: OMG it's the naughty nine

Girl 2: ewwww
by DiklahMirele February 20, 2012
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