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A confused individual who thinks he is Japanese and a rudeboy gangster at the same time. Whenever someone asks him a personal question, he will often respond 'jahh' so as to avoid exploring himself. Often, he will know very little about complex issues and prefers to make fleeting conclusions. If anyone draws attention to any of these facts, he will just say 'jahh' and will begin an investigation into whether or not that particular individual is plotting against him.
Naufil: And so America will never declare war on China because of the big import debt that they have, and the same for Korea!!
Kiyosaki: Wait, what? You do know that a balance of payments deficit isn't an actual debt, right?
Naufil: Jahh!

Haroon: What a grade-A Naufil, huh?
Kiyosaki: Ironic, because he rarely gets A-grades!
by Not Arsal April 28, 2011
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