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When someone cuts a small part of your hair very short, you have two options.
1. Shave the rest of your head

2. Rock the bald spot as a badge of honor known only as the Native American Soul Patch (NASP for short).

Deceivingly good looking, the NASP directs attention away from fetal flaws in your physique. Essentially the equivalent of creating a Designated Ugly Fat Friend for yourself.
Person 1: Did you see Dave today?

Person 2: No why
Person 1: Tom shaved part of his head
Person 2: Damn so he's bald?
Person 1: No he's being patriotic with a Native American Soul Patch

Suzy: Damn Mark looks so good, did he get a nose job?
Nancy: No his Native American Soul Patch is diverting attention away from his Bloodhound nose.
by Chiefjackhamma February 09, 2010
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