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April 18th is the day you send nudes to someone you feel comfortable with.

Some people you could send nudes to would be your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, side hoe, or even someone you have a thing with.
Person 1: Happy National Send Nudes Day!

*sends nudes to Person 2*

Person 2: Awww, you made my day! Happy National Send Nudes Day to you too!

*sends nudes to Person 1*
by NationalDays April 19, 2018
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National sends nudes day is april 18th. On this day you can send nudes to boyfriend, girlfriend, bestfriend and anyone you can feel comfortable with.

Mainly people named lewis,josh and jacob love to send on this day to girls named faith,grace and anna.
Lewis:hi josh i just sent nudes to faith since its national send nudes day.

Josh:thats really cool.
by Midgetman15 April 19, 2019
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On this day, males and females can send this pass to anyone and that person who receives this must send a nude of the other person's choice. You can only use this once and this card is only valid on the 19th of April. I swear I didn't make this Vicky
"Hey babe, it's National Send Nudes Day, can I have a nude or two?"
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by Uncle Semche April 18, 2019
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