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Nastashia is that bubbly girl that is kinda ditsy and clumsy but you cant help liking her, your either laughing with her or at her funny antics but over all she is liked by pretty much everyone.
Oh watch out guys it may look like shes hitting on you but shes an unconscious flirt!

Unfortunately she is also the center of a lot of hate by girls because of the friends she hangs out with and the unconsious flirting. Her girl friends are hot sexy bitches that all the boys want to be with and all the girls want to be.
girl walks by a crowed of people and they say 'hello' , 'hi', 'hey', 'watsup' she waves and smiles back to all these people.

person 1; she is sooo a Nastashia
person 2; I wish I could be a Nastashia
by mnmrgfs February 04, 2010
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