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When an Omani portrays himself as a hardcore gangster yet responds to the sighting of a Nasser in a frightful and girlish way. The Omani then proceeds to take revenge on the harmless Nasser, by brutally murdering it ( halal style of course), and leaving the Nassers dismembered corpse in a communal smoking area. This most likely occurred outside a block GH, hence the putrid and pungent smell outside the building. Investigators are currently analysing the disturbing footage as recorded by the CCTV camera outside the building, in hopes of bringing this Omani in for questioning. Should this man be recognised and punished for his criminal offence, he will have been 'Nasserfied'.
Person A: Omani, where is the cat?
Omani: wh...wha...wood is dis?
Person A: You kill the cat because it's not in your flat!
Omani: Yes Yes I stab that cat I like.
Person A: I'm going to the Police to get you Nasserfied.
by Nasser the Cat May 07, 2011
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