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A muslim rich and wealthy man that does whatever he can to protect his family from any danger
I want to marry a guy that is like Nasr
by algahim____ February 06, 2015
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The kid who always does the dumbest shit but never gets in trouble for it.
Teacher: Excuse me, young mad, will you solve this problem on the board for me please?

Nasr: I don't want to, bitch!

Teacher: Hahahaha, oh Nasr, you're a funny one. *adoring smile*
by bownchikawowow March 24, 2011
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Nasr means victory .A handsome young man who has the most cute smile that will melt your , respectful and intelligent . Brave doesnt fear anyone , if someone tries too pull him down he will pull the person down instead.
Person a:your boyfriend is literally a nasr
Person b: i know right im such a lucky girl to have him
by Alkhuzaei June 17, 2018
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