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Nasly is the best person you could meet. She is sweet, funny, and loving, but she's no afraid to fuck you up if you do one thing to hurt or upset one of her friends or family members. If you know a girl named nasly you are luck. Make sure that she never leaves your life.

My bestie is a Nasly
Yo nasly is the bestfriend I cold ever ask for
by Squidbillie June 11, 2018
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A Nasly is a super wild girl who loves to enter into the void. She pets only orange chipmunks and eats unlimited quantities of fluorescent broccoli. She's beautiful and everything the light touches is hers.
Person 1: Ohmigod did you see that $ick person over there? Wow I can't believe it I get to see such a person
Person 2: Oh she's a total Nasly.
Person 1: I have to say hi to Nasly
*Says hi to Nasly*
Nasly: I'm in the void bitches
(Person 1 and 2 joins her in the void and wow what a great journey with a Nasly)
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by econbabe367 September 25, 2019
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