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Another name for Nashua, New Hampshire. It is called that because of its trashy downtown/ lower income area.
Windham Kid: "Hey wanna hit up Nash Trash this weekend?"
Bedford Kid: "No way dude Nash Trash is like go and never come back"
by Swimmerser12 January 15, 2011
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A satirical name for modern pop country music that sounds derivative, samey and formulaic, derived from "Nashville" colloquial home of notable country music starters, and "Trash" garbage and then suffix to White Trash, a derogatory term for people who might like "Nash Trash" music.
"Ugh, I hate listening to the radio when visiting my aunts farm, the only thing they have on the radio is Nash Trash Music, its like they play the same song all day long."
by NashTrash May 15, 2015
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