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This is a very elite & exclusive myspace group that has got everyone going. This group does not give anybody a chance to to add their myspace page. Nasa claims to be a Fashion group, not a Perfection group. Which means their standards are very high and different compare to a "perfection" group & so far they are doing a pretty good job for having a high standards rate. As for the members they are very bitchy & stuck up, they do not hold back to tell you how it is. Being apart of this group is a honored, being that they do not accept anybody into their group. Having a certain tag in your name doesn't mean anything to them either.

From what ive seen the main owner of nasa is very picky & stubborn. He also accepts people by the members approval 2, so that maybe another reason why it is hard to get into nasa.

People are already starting drama with nasa because of their standards. Which is making the group even more better. Slogan Love us, or Hate us.

People say:
"wow who owns nasa? he must be joking"
"ill join NASA just to start drama haha"
"did i get nominated to nasa? yes you did but they said fuck no & your not Nasa material"
"who is the new owner of nasa?"
"nasa is the best group"
"I love nasa"

Nasa could be the only exclusive group on myspace.
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by im you 2 August 10, 2010
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