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#1 A Hackers Girl friend, Normaly a Navis at hacking but makes up by her look. Trys Keep pase with whats new, and makes her man happy!

#2 A Verry Hot, Tight, fine assed Girl "Hacker". But is spelled with one "p" Not 2 and added "x" ::Napoxxi::
IM CHAT: Nappoxi: Sup
IM CHAT: Hax0rX: Word
IM CHAT: Nappoxi: Whats a N00b?
IM CHAT: Hax0rX: lol..... You :)
IM CHAT: Nappoxi: Well we know ware your sleeping tonight.. :p
IM CHAT: Hax0r: . . . Still a n00b
by Nexus Hacknet* August 20, 2005
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