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1. To jinx a player by citing a statistic suggesting that player's consistency with respect to a particular task, especially kicking a field goal in football or taking a free throw in basketball.

2. To make an otherwise thrilling, significant or unusual event seem pedestrian and dull, especially in a sports context.
1. "He lines up for the easy, chip shot field goal. This would win the Superbowl. He's automatic from this range. Never misses. For the win... kick is up... no good."

"Dammit, the kicker just got Nantzed."

2. "And that 71-yard, game-winning field goal just capped off an impressive 65-point comeback win for the Miami Dolphins over the New England Patriots. How about that? And how about a new episode of Cold Case, tonight after we find out what's eating Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes."
by Bergeron December 02, 2007
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