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Doctor Whinopeum was born in a small log cabin in France in 1928.

It was a cold and rainy day in Whitehorse, Yukon Territorry. The two tiny mice, Casper and Jasper, did not like the cold one bit. "We need to find a place inside", said Casper.
"But inside where?" asked Jasper.
"Inside there!" said Casper as he pointed to the house at 641 Gunby Road. A nice family lived in that house. There was a mother, a father, and two boys named Bob and George. When the door opened, the mice ran inside. Casper and Jasper ran down the hall, as fast as they could run. The Mice were looking for a place to hide. Suddenly Casper shouted, "In here, Jasper!" and the mice squeezed into a small opening. The mice soon found themselves between the walls of the house. "This will be our new mouse hole," said Casper.
"It is very warm and dry," said Jasper," but it's so empty. We need some things for our mouse hole. So that night, when everyone was asleep, Casper and Jasper went looking for things for the mouse hole (a thing is anything small enough for the mice to carry.). Casper and Jasper found a lot of things. The mice brought all of the things to the mouse hole. Casper said, "You never know when something will come in handy." So Casper and Jasper settled into their new home. From their mouse hole, they watched the family. The two mice liked to watch Bob and George the most of all. Sometimes, Casper and Jasper followed Bob and George into the kitchen. The mice had to watch out for Bravo (the family cat) and Lucy (the family dog). Casper and Jasper hid behind Lucy's kennel until they were sure it was safe. One day, Bravo fell asleep right in front of the mouse hole! Casper and Jasper were trapped in their mouse hole, so the mice took a nap under the cotton balls. Sometimes, when Bob and George were asleep, Casper and Jasper would play with their toys. One night when Casper and Jasper were looking for things, they saw a calendar on the wall of the kitchen. December 25th was circled in red. "That must be an important day," said Jasper.
"It is," said Casper. "It's Christmas!" Jasper had never heard of Christmas, so Casper tried to explain it to him. A few nights later, Casper and Jasper saw the Christmas tree! The tree was decorated, and there were presents underneath the branches. Some of the presents were for Bob and George. Suddenly, Casper looked very sad. "What's the matter?" asked Jasper.
"We don't have a Christmas present for Bob and George!" cried Casper. But Jasper had an idea! He climbed up onto one of the presents and chewed one of the branches. The branch fell to the floor. It almost hit Casper! Jasper picked up the little branch and ran for the mouse hole. Casper had no idea what Jasper was doing. When the mice got to the mouse hole, Jasper began giving orders:
"Get the little pot!" And Casper did.
"Get the cotton balls!" And Casper did.
"Get the fruit loops!" And Casper did.
"Get the red ribbon!" And Casper did.
"Get the ivy!" And Casper did.
Casper and Jasper put the little branch in the pot. They stuffed the cotton balls around the branch to hold it in straight. The then put the ivy, fruit loops, and red ribbon on the tree. Casper and Jasper stepped back and looked at the tree. "A perfect gift for the boys," said Casper.
"Their very own tree," said Jasper.
Casper and Jasper left the tree for Bob and George to find on Christmas. The mice were tired. They only had one cotton ball to sleep under!

The Following is how Doctor George Whinopeum was born:

Seconds before the Big Bang, a creature named Zach Jarman was born. He was created to create the universe and then cause terror around it. But he created the universe for a good reason. He realized he was short handed. It was then, 6 seconds before the big bang, when he gave birth to David Shaffer. Seconds after the big bang, they were terrorized by a cool person named Rikko Segura. Zach and David then created Connor and John, to help them. At that time, the 4 were very uncool. But then, they evolved into pure coolness and john's vest and hat. Rikko then saw that he didn't stand a chance. right then, 27 seconds after the big bang, he joined them. Then, David had to be brought to a place known as three springs. After millions of seconds, David, Clay, Jake, Claire, Patrick, Patrick Toney, and Emma came into the picture. 1 second after that, David came back into the picture. Emma, David, John, Patrick Toney, and Rikko created a band/gang/godly club group thing called 10 Second Aggression to stop evil. After a while, though, they broke up. But, just 12 seconds before this, Zach was taken away by his evil mother, Nancy Jarman, to a place of suffering, known as New Jersey. Rikko and Patrick Toney decided to make a band with 10 Second Aggression's song, known as Sick of You. This angered people. Rikko's coolness level dropped. Then, .45 seconds after that, Zach returned for 4 seconds. But he had to go back to New Jersey. The rest is to be found out.

And He is Buddhist.
Wow, Nancyll (Nancyll-imbonotics) Doctor Whinopeum is the greatest scientist to ever live.
by 7'1'' George Washington December 23, 2007
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