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Prayer for Muslims which requires submittance to Allah (God) and praying for the well being of yourself and others. Also for forgiveness. Namaz is for the purpose of cleanliness of mind/soul and body. The actual namaz gives the cleanliness of mind and soul. But before you do namaz you must clean yourself in a certain manner to cleans the body. Also during namaz women must sit behind the men to stop any impure thoughts. Muslims do namaz 5 times a day:near dawn (called fajr), after the sun's noon ( called dhuhr), in the afternoon (asr), just after sunset (maghrib) and around nightfall (isha'a). If you do end up missing a namaz you can make it up by the end of the day. Every Friday duhur namaz becomes Juma namaz which is like a special namaz. (The Islamic day begins at sundown.) To learn more look it up on wikipedia - type in salah or namaz .
*Alarm* namaz time.

Hurry up guys namaz is almost over.
by Average Muslim May 05, 2010
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