Pictures sent, usually via cell phone or email, of a girlfriend or boyfriend to the other that include images of the completely or partially nude body. Often these pictures include acts of self-sex or sexual positions and may include close ups of genitalia. Common practices include the writing of the girlfriend/boyfriend's name on the body for picture taking purposes. Naked pics are often shared prior to prolonged absences such as one party leaving the country. If this does not occur the other party cannot be considered a girlfriend/boyfriend and will cheat on you.
"Yo, she give you naked pics before you moved to Korea?"

"Nah, man. Crazy bitch be cheatin already."
by Hcuda2 October 6, 2009
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I don't know why the hell people put pics of them naked on google but they do and it's nice to look at, but I would not do that cuz. if you wanna look at them then in google, type sexy girl naked images.
person 1: i like looking at those pics
person 2: what pics?
person 1: sexy girls naked pics on google
person 2: ooo la la la!
by unknown weirdo matic January 27, 2021
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April 19th is the day you send half naked pics to someone you are comfortable with, but not so close to send your nudes.

You could send these pics to your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or someone you have a thing with and you can post them on you social media as well BUT YOU CAN’T SEND THEM TO YOU EX.
Person 1: “Happy National Send Half Naked Pics day!”
* send the pics to Person 2*
Person 2:”Awww you mad my day! Happy National Send Half Naked Pics day to you too”

*send the pics to Person 1*
by ITSBROWNG April 18, 2020
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