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A covert or low key Hipster, whose eccentric and gimmicky grooming fashionismo is pretendedly non intentional and accidental.

In reality, the Naivster spends enormous amounts of time and effort constructing his quirky and uniquely trendy appearance and persona. He draws inspiration from less well known sources and brands, and can combine classic preppy items with freaky accents.

The Naivster regularly insists that his style and demeanor does not have anything out of the ordinary and is not artificially construed.
-What's up with that liquid ink ballpen tucked high up inside your t-shirt collar?
-Nothing... Why?
-What's up with that strange old lady necklace/bracelet?
-This old thing? I've always had it with me!
-You're such a Naivster!!!
by Cremaster Akioro June 29, 2009
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