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Nahara is an East African name given to wicked cute lady children. Children dubbed "Naharah" where the "h" trails the last "a". are the rarest incarnation of all "Nar" names. These children generally play their cute little games with the quiet confidence of Gods(which a select few are). If you fear your Naharah is a God look for the these warning signs; uber-cute blond curls and a penchant for ruling the universe. Nararah's typically rock siren like singing voices. They dance in a flowy side to side motion. They have above average respect for chocolate. They excrete odorless pooh.

Many secret subcultures have adopted "Nar" names as descriptors. They're also rumored to use "Nar" names as throatal power chi sounds to overcome impossible obstacles or (in dire moments) to violently alter matter.
Shadowy Figure: "Sup doggy?"

Hooded Dude: "Nuffin, just checking out Justin Bieber's Nar website, shit's intoxicating"

Shadowy Figure: "Scooch over, let me have a gander..."

Hooded Dude: "Read these lyrics man, every song is about love."

Shadowy Figure: "Says here he's 12"

Hooded Dude: "I know, right?"

Shadowy Figure(angry): "Naharah!!!"

Hooded Dude explodes into a million bits.

Shadowy Figure: "Naharah!!!"

Million bits turn into a "singing" chocolate bar.

Shadowy Figure: "That's what I'm talkin about."
by owensuppes August 03, 2010
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