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Derives from "No, sorry" and it is commonly used as an apologetic way to refuse a requst from someone, but it can also be used in a number of different ways. It can be used with sarcasm and also another phrase can be added to put emphasis on the negation of the reply.

1. A refusal or a negative reply.
2. To be used when ruining a person's winning moment.
3. When you just don't like a person and you wanna reject them.
4. For a random lol.
5. To piss someone off.
1. Guy #1: Can I borrow your deodorant.
Guy #2: Nah soz.

2. Guy #1: Oh my god, yes, I completely killed that maths test, im so hard right now :D
Guy #2: Nah soz, you're just a complete nerd.

3. Guy #1: Anyone wanna go watch a film?
Guy #2: Nah soz, no one wants to go with you.

4. Guy #1: what's your number?
Guy #2: Nah soz, im not gay.

5. Guy #1: Why cant everyone stop saying no to anything i ask of them?? its friggin annoying!! :@
Guy #2: ...Nah soz.
by TarsV October 31, 2009
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