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Noun. The African American god of love and beauty. It was once told by the Nagrolyte's of a time long past a tale of a beautiful ebony woman. Her beauty was so overtaking and empowering that the African American men of Harlem upon a mere glance of Nagrodite's silky sensual skin would immediately try to have sexual intercourse with Nagrodite and any one else in the nearby vicinity. Upon realizing that nobody could ever have their way with Nagrodite, all of the African Americans who laid eyes on that beautiful skin were tainted by a viscous disease. The disease dictated that its inhabitant must have violent anal sex with his/her partner until they ejaculate their own testicles into their partners rectum. Some unlucky carriers of the disease did not have a partner close by, or at all for that matter. In this case these men would excessively masturbate on innocent bystanders until they completely ripped their penises off. After this activity, the body would somehow find its way home and curl up in bed waiting to be retrieved by authorities. Females who found Nagrodite attractive were often found skewered, hanging by their vagina's in a nearby tree worthy of supporting their weight. Some believe this was because the amount of sexual stimulation induced by girl on girl action caused the victims to go into an out of control sexual hysteria leading them to have coitus with the hardest key that would fit the lock.
"Damn! that niggorette is lookin' fine today! Oh wait, thats Nagrodite!" (chases after Nagrodite) - Harlem Resident

"This girl was so beautiful that even Nagrodite would lose her mind." - Anonymous
by Chuckfrost September 06, 2011
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