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1. NAGOOGEN: someone who is everything you can look for in a person. to be a nagoogen is to be the most amazing thing to ever grace the planet next to a dinosaur.

2. NAGOOG: when someone is screwing you over, spoiling your mood, or doing something surprising/unexpected.

3. NAGOOG-A-PALOOZA: off-the-chain party, best time of your life, to dance at a shindig with no boundaries.
1. damn, look at tim, he's such a nagoogen today.

2. oh no you did not just nagoog me over, did you?

3. i just went to a nagoog-a-palooza and danced until me feet fell off.
by TimFlagoogflen March 04, 2009
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Nagoogen is the nickname of my bestfriend. Shes always there for me and is the best person ever. She’s super dedicated in soccer and is hilarious. I know we’ll be life time friends. I’m so lucky to have gotten to know her because she’s my bestest friend ever. She also has an obsession with chicken nuggets, or she also calls them β€œnugs”. If she ever asks β€œguess what”, respond by saying chicken butt.
Dude, nagoogen is so cool she hit those dingers now lets go get some nugs.
by linerthewiener June 11, 2018
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