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Derived from Ray (“Chocolate City” or “Sugar Ray”) Nagin, the Mayor of New Orleans. This multifarious word should be incorporated into Webster’s Dictionary, via sheer principle (1) To blame a catastrophic or even tiny problem on someone or something else though it’s mainly your fault. Strikingly tantamount to how Sugar Ray blamed, or Nagin’d, President Bush post-Katrina. (2) To do ones job extremely below par or to set a new bar for inefficiency and general unpopularity. This inefficiency normally leads to political meltdowns and very bad press. (Similar to “Shrewted” -The Office) (3) To act as childish and as unprofessionally as humanly possible. Similar to when Mayor Nagin publicly called New Orleans a “Chocolate City”, or the fashion in which Iverson expressed his disinterest in, “Practice.”
Example # 1 – Nagin -- Or Getting Nagin’d by the barkeep. Patron at local bar: Yo bartender, why does my White Russian taste all soapy?
Bartender: Dude, the dishwasher is new so it uses a lot of soap man…. get off my bac(k)---(cut off my patron)
Patron at local bar: Don’t gimme any damn Nagin!!!!! Rinse before you pour moron. Make me another drink, this time hold the soap---and the Nagin…..... I feel Nagin'd...

Example # 2 – Nagin’d –
Obama: Hey Joe, do you think it was smart to make Hillary the Sec. of the State?
Biden: I think it was smart Barry, now she can’t run against you in the next primary.
Obama: This is true, but it seems that she is internationally and domestically hated. I also think she has the intellect of Wolf Blitzer, and we all know he’s a retarded puppet. Do you think we can get screwed here? Could we be Nagin’d by Hillary?
Biden: With the press getting out backs, we really can’t be Nagin’d by anything. However let’s hope that she stays in the closet until we’re through here. If she came out in the near future, we would get catastrophically Nagin’d.
Obama: Gosh darn it Joe, you’re right. Tell her and Rosie O’Donnell to keep it quiet for a bit.

Example # 3 – Nagin’in - Or Getting Nagin’d by a Governor
Howard Dean: "If you told us a year ago we would have taken 3rd in Iowa, we have given anything for that. Not only are we going to New Hampshire, Tom Harkin….We’re going to South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arizona, North Dakota, New Mexico, California, Texas, New York, South Dakota, Oregon, then Washinton…AND MICHIGAN!!!!!!! ……THEN WE’RE GOING TO WARSCH-INGTON D.C TO TAKE BACK THE WHITE HOUSE…………YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Me in my living room: What a classic, classless, Liberal political example of a Nagin’in infant-like nut job. Why do I feel Nagin’d by that Nagin’in loser Ray Nagin. Wait a minute….doesn’t Howard Dean do stunts for Little Richard in gay movies?
by TB2-nola February 25, 2009
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