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Nadiv is a traditionally male name of Hebrew origin. It can be interpreted as meaning "noble" or "princely." In a more contemporary context, Nadivs are thoughtful, committed individuals who are deeply engaged in the world around them. Although their contemplative nature sometimes lends the Nadivs of the world to brooding and solitude, they also have a highly social side, network and make friends easily. They are social chameleons who make many friends, but are close to a select few. Gifted public speakers with distinct points of view, Nadivs have great success in many arenas but do not deal well with failure. They are highly committed to those closest to them, but have difficulties with interpersonal ties of certain types. In general, they are wonderful, kind-hearted people with human faults and many admirable qualities. Oh yeah, and they're hot.
Don't go fucking Swiftboat on me, you Nadiv!
by Erika107 February 24, 2010
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