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The male name "Nadil" was derived From Ancient Saudi Arabia and more commonly used in modern day Kurdistan. Saudi princes and kings would nickname theirs sons and the heir to their thrones as "Nadil" because it means "the one who takes it to combat." Their sons grew up to become fierce, incandescent men. Like most Arab and Kurdish men, Nadil has a strong fancy for money, women and power. When he walks into a room, every head turns in his direction as they feel his presence. When he talks people sit back and listen carefully. His intimidatingly, handsome good looks leaves women in awe and men severly jealous. Nadil is a natural born leader who is loved because he is feared. Unfortunately his mysterious demeanour and violent temper means his relationships with his girlfriend and family remain short lived.
Girl 1: "that guy is so hot but he looks so rough and dangerous."

Girl 2: "I know, I suppose thats just Nadil eh?"
by _ARABGreat January 04, 2018
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