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I love her to the moon and back and i think if anyone has a friend called nadiah with a H is so so lucky to have her as a friend or a sister she is an amazing and an attractive person and i think everyone should think that she can be so weird that sometimes u could even die of laughter she is a friend u cant and hopefully wount loose she is my best friend that I'm gonna love for life and never forget her if i go anywhere she is someone i love. I love you nadiah
by Jsnakqo May 24, 2018
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The baddest biscuit in all the land. She walks the earth as though she is Kanye West. She continuously does not give a fudge. Likes Daijah :)
A: That's Nadiah
B: Who's Nadiah?
A: The girl who's talking to Daijah.
by Naughty Nadi January 20, 2017
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this bitch be slayin foo ain no competin wit ha she da bhaddest bixch out deah
"yo you seen dhet gurl nadiah?"
"yee bro she a bhad biscuit bih."
by thegr8estmemedanker May 07, 2018
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Sexy and always ready to have a bit of fun. Doesn't mess around so if u break her heart she will get her girls and break your dick. She is willing to get freaky if you're willing to accommodate and she likes sexy guys with sexy friends so her friends can pree dem.
Did u hear Nadiah has a friend called Samantha who is beefing bare gyaldem.
Yeah apparently Samia and Nadiah beefed Ammarah.
by Samantha Perkins April 07, 2017
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The Fakest bitch on earth or a way to describe someone as Fake
Person 1:“Who’s that”
Person 2: “Nadiah”
Person 1 :“oh”
Person 2: “yeah she’s so fake
You’re such a Nadiah”
by THRUTHHURTS September 24, 2019
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a nasty ass hoe that’s breath smells like shit and would give you pink eye watch out for her because she is FAKE 🤮
nadiah said something to me and i ran away now i have pink eye her breath stinks 😷
by nadiah a hoe June 21, 2019
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