If you are an "Ebayer", NWT means New With Tags.
by gisxprt November 6, 2003
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stands for "not worth texting". can be used when someone sends you a text along the lines of "haha yea" or some other bull pucky that is really just spam in your inbox.
girl - "oh that's cool. i didn't think about that before. why do you think that happened?"

boy - "haha idk."

girl - "wow, NWT BITCH"
by texting_while_driving April 20, 2009
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N.W.T. Nigga With Ttties
You'se and NWT NWT a Nigga Wit Titties
by Big Dave06 June 24, 2005
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Nativesh Wish Trouble. Represhent.
by He Whore May 28, 2003
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An abbreviation for Nothing Was The Same, a Drake album relased on September 24, 2013
Listening to some old Drake” “What you listening to?”
“NWTS, old but gold
by MfNeverLovedUs May 31, 2018
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act right because I’m really nwts today
by mariiix3 November 29, 2018
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