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Acronym for new wave of American heavy metal. Describes the increasing popularity of newer metal bands like Shadows Fall, God Forbid, etc. Also refers to the comeback of real metal and the downfall of nu-metal in 2003/2004.
Bleh, if you need one I pity you ;P
by mevyhetal July 25, 2004
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1. New Wave of American Heavy Metal, a musical movement that doesn't actually exist, most supposed NWOAHM bands are actually metalcore, mallcore, emo, hardcore punk or nu metal.

2. New Wave of American Heavy Metal, a description that posers give to the mallcore bands they listen to in order to pretend that they listen to real metal, as opposed to the false metal.

3. a complete disgrace to true metal fans everywhere, that fact that it is related at all to the incredible new wave of British heavy metal makes true metalheads everywhere want to puke.
NWOAHM bands include slipknot, trivium, killswitch engage, as i lay dying, atreyu
by death to false metal December 02, 2008
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An even newer form of nu metal.
A kind of music that mixes NYC hardcore pink and heavy metal.
The vocals are harsh and screaming in a hardcore fashion, the music normally uses a lot of Swedish death metal kind of cheap tricks and a lot of two-fret power-chord riffs.
Hey, Trivium are so NWOAHM... I don't get it why kids think they are true metal.
by Baltazar Pishkolovich February 03, 2008
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New Wave Of American Heavy Metal. The current scene of true (and quite brutal) heavy metal from the States. Takes its cue from the New Wave Of Britsh Heavy Metal before it, which mixed traditonal British metal with some UK punk rock influences, the NWOAHM mixes the US thrash scene such as Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth) and mixes it with the NYC hardcore scene (like Black Flag or The Dillinger Escape Plan) in order to create a truly kick arse and brutally heavy sound. Proof that metal still kicks arse and is still advancing.
Good examples are Chimaira, Hatebreed, God Forbid and Killswitch Engage to name but a few. The bands are so well heavy, Chimaira easily top Slayer (including Reign In Blood) and they're not even the heaviest in the genre. Rock on!!!!
by Robert Bavister November 10, 2004
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