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NTBHF, or "Nice To Be Heard From" is an ending comment to an e-mail that gets the point across from the sender to the receiver that YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGING YOURSELF to THEM, in the event that the receiver is a total jack-ass who doesn't acknowledge or reply to your original e-mail.

This abbreviation can be multi-purpose for texting, voicemails, faxes, postcards, letters, any basic old fashion face to face conversation, or other means of official business communication.

NTBHF, aka "NICE TO BE HEARD FROM" is meant to be an in your face derrogatory comment or reply to those people who neglect or ignore a reply to you from you taking the time to communicate with that specific person.

This abbreviation can be used every single day in a business sense, especially targeting those who are constantly late in replying back to you, costing you and the company money, time, patience, or a combination of all three.

Fellow employees like this are normally found to be totally selfish, kiss-assed, lazy, whiny complainers, and are clueless to their own ignorance.

And frankly, they don't really care about anything but themselves, with the thought of everything in their own little mind-fuck fantasies in the real corporate business world revolves around them.

So, have you met someone like this before?...chances are everyone has at one time or another.
Here is a typical working example:

You say to your fellow office dude calling him on the phone, "have you even read that important e-mail I sent you about the tax filing deadline for our million dollar client?"

Office dude says, "nope, have not read it yet, I haven't gotten to it, no time" (when you know damn well this person should have replied to you already).

Your reply is, "well then, guess that is NTBHF" are boiling mad and royally pissed by this time, knowing that missing such an important "stated" tax filing deadline is gonna cost you time, patience and money.

The befuddled looking office dude then says, "NTBHF?"


Office dude then says with that deer caught in the headlights look, "well, guess I should get on that right away then, huh?"

You have this rolling the eyes look on your face and are like DUH, what part does this dude not understand?

You just want to say right to this office dude's face:

"you so flunked the stupid test...guess you were born stupid and have been losing ground ever since!"

This exert is an accurate right to the point office scenario which has played out in countless office environments through-out the corporate business world today.
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