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One of the worst programs I have ever attended and I'm a rising senior. I have been to over 10 summer camps and this is by far the worst. Not only are the supervisors very inconsiderate, but they are also the most hypocritical people I've ever met. For example, every time we pass the other summer camp held at the same location, we always make loud noises and act extremely boisterous. However, the one time the other summer camp reciprocated the noise, our RA's became extremely mad, threatened to call the police, and even shoved two of the other campers. Then when the NSLC camp directors were called, they fabricated lies and allegedly accused the other camp's students for going into the dorms of female students. There are many more horrible things this camp does. Please refrain from signing your child up to this camp; find the plethora of better camps out there.
Sam: Damn. I'd rather burn my money than pay to attend NSLC.

John: Shit, I already signed up.

Sam: Bro, try to get a refund.

John: Can't, NSLC directors so unhelpful.
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