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"Not Safe For Kids"

-Abbreviation used to describe any kind of media content/material (filled with violence, sex, nudity, and crude language) not suitable for children or teenagers to view.
Daddy Cado: Did you see Borat?

Mommy Pam: Yeah, of course!

Mommy Diana: How was it?

Mommy Pam: It was good. I had a nice laugh but that shit was so NSFK. I will never allow my kids to see it.
by denille April 20, 2009
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A family friendly edition of NSFW(Not safe for work)
"Son - What were you and mommy talking about"

"Dad - Now son mommy and I were talking about something that is NSFK"
by wOrD kInG June 23, 2016
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Not suitable for kids
Don't show that video to your son, it's NSFK (not suitable for kids).
by YeezyGeezy May 29, 2018
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