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NSAT is a group of people who have nothing better to do with their lives except ruin peoples lives. They have their excitement by paying out people which they don’t know so well. If they make one mistake BOOM, their lives from then on are tortured with pay outs and rumours. Yes that’s right rumours, spreading rumours is the worst thing, like sexual stuff they didn't do, there is all sorts of rumours and a lot of the victims are quiet ruined by them. Some people leave the site that NSAT is on, some people move interstate. These people also harass their victims at their homes, on the net and even on the road.

What the NSAT people don't understand is what their victims go through; pain, lost of friends, judgment, even depression and suicide.

These kind of wankers need to be stop and stoped very soon before they hurt the wrong person at the wrong time and they would be blamed for their victims actions. I recently had a friend commit suicide but not because of NSAT but because of people who are just as cruel as NSAT.

NSAT even make websites about people (see example) even threads on a certain (UN named source).
This is one of their many websites.

NSAT #1: I don't care about you people Jamie is gay and Steph is just a whore.

Steph: You guys have ruined my life, and thanks to you's people try and run me off the road, that’s why the front of my car is dented.
by SCS October 11, 2005
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