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(n.) Issues pertaining to the great actor/legend/all around good guy/king of awesomeness, the legendary Neil Patrick Harris. Or, as his devout followers know him - NPH. These NP-Hissues are often unspoken and assumed, and generally refer to a feeling that one receives upon realising a love for said NPH. Symptoms of Hissues can include anything from hot flashes, sudden bouts of enjoyable daydreaming, frantic wailing and/or giggling and squeeing of the high pitched variety. NP-Hissues usually arise unbeknownst to the Hissue-ee (one with Hissues).
Kate: So, I accidentally came across these fantastic pictures on the internet while researching an obviously very important university paper.
Emily: Really, to what do these images refer?
Kate: *high pitched squeal* NPH!
Emily: I'm sorry, what? Did you just say NPH?
Kate: You are correct sir, and might I say that these pictures of a certain someone are mighty fine.
Emily: Oh my god, when did this happen? I think we have NP-Hissues!!
Kate: I don't know what you mean, sir! I have never heard of these Hissues you speak of....
*both giggle incessantly*
by Kate and Emile August 14, 2008
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