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Huge penis. Usually a dick so big that you can't wear shorts with out your NOSTRALIA hanging out.
Don't let beau hit you in the NOSTRALIA
by Nostralia January 09, 2015
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A physical condition whereby the insides of a person's huge nostrils are visible merely by looking at them head on; there is no need to bend down to look at them from below. Specifically, said person is possessed of two large nostrills, not unlike the continent/nation of Australia.
I totally was digging that chick I met on-line until she showed up at the bar sporting a severe case of nostralia that wasn't visible in her profile photo. I could see all the way up to her brain without tilting my head a bit. The good news was that I could see she wasn't harboring any boogers.
by Lazarus727 December 02, 2010
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