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An Acronym for 'No One Cares About Your Other League'.

This is a specific reference to fantasy sports discussions which take place amongst friends or competitors in a shared league. It is a Violation of the Highest Order to open, interrupt or end any fantasy sports conversation with mention of a different fantasy team, other than the mutual league.

In Lamens terms - No One Cares About Your Other League! Your the only one who really cares, especially when your not doing well in the mutual league. You must keep all fantasy discussion to your mutual league, or you are in violation on NOCAYOL!
Shawn: I beat you in our Fantasy football match-up this weekend by 4 touchdowns! Good Luck making the playoffs now, I own you and the division.

Eric: Yeah, it doesn't matter, cause I won my game in my other league where I have the best record. I'm killing it with my top players...

Shawn: DUDE! No One Cares About Your Other League. Lets talk about this league, the one I just beat you in. Com'on man, I claim NOCAYOL!
by mchesler44 August 30, 2010
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