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NO MORE F*UCKING Fob 's. Meaning that you will not date anyone that is fresh off the boat. If they can't speak ENGLISH then you beat, we will not date you. If you weren't born in America then you will be rejected. Basically if you can't run for president (the whole born in America rule) then you can't run to date me...Fobs are dirty, all of them are perverts, and cheep, sooo why would you even want to be with them? NO GREEN CARD 'S ALLOWED!
Example 1 -
Take 1
LuLu : I love you baby
Fob : te amo
LuLu : oh shit! a fuckin Fob...umm i got to go PEACE!

Take 2
LuLu : I love you baby
Fob: Ana behibek
LuLu : oh shit! NMFOBS! im sick of this shit.

Example 3-

Some Mexican tried to kick it to me today but i said "NMFFOBS" and he said " me no speaka engles"
by duckkyy November 27, 2010
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