An acronym for the game Need for speed Pro Street. It is the 14th installment of the Need for speed game series by electronic arts. It was released in the US on November, 14, 2007 and is much different than its predecessors. This game features real damage to the cars that affect the performance. Your car can even be completely fucked up and you have to get a new one.
1. How far are u in NFSPS?

2. You know what I love? NFSPS!

3. NFSPS, that's all.
by mister cow November 12, 2007
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No flex six pack. A six pack that's visible on an individual even when he or she is not flexing, and in undesirable lighting conditions.
It's cloudy out and they don't even know we're looking at their NFSP, but I can see the abs on Andrew and Jacob.
by JMuscle June 13, 2012
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