This is a gang that is located around indiana. The meaning of NEBA is Never Ever Break Again. The color that is associated with the gang is the color purple. They often insult people by calling them a smatt. They often yell out SMATT to insult anybody that isn't in the gang or to call out to other NEBA Gang Members. The gang originated in the town of Auburn Indiana.
"Yo have you heard about that gang called NEBA?"
"Yea I heard that they're pretty chill unless you fuck with them"
by Chase Valentine February 19, 2020
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it means in african really big dick and someone who can treat you better than other men
Hey, neba has a big dick
Hey that guy is a neba
by DaGuysTho December 8, 2019
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neba is a algerian word for little dick or micropenis
person1: how was your hookup last night
person2: ow it was so bad the dude has a neba
by lulu9212 March 20, 2019
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