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Neue Deutsche Welle music. German new wave music from the early 80s, influenced by British new wave of the same era. This music provides club-goers in Germany some cheeky sing-a-longs to party with. On a good night, if you walk into a club, you might hear the whole place singing along as if they were watching Bayern München in a Champions League match.

To American audiences, only Nena's '99 Luftballoons', Falco's 'Der Kommisar', Trio's 'Da Da Da' (from the VW commercial) are known NDW songs. Other songs and groups in this genre include Markus 'Ich Will Spaß', Spider Murphy Gang, 'Skandal im Sperrbezirk', and IXI 'Der Knutschfleck'.
American tourist in Berlin, "Man, that was a blast last night. What was that music they were playing?"
German host, "NDW, Neue Deustche Welle. Old songs from the 80s. Don't worry about it."
American, "Yeah, but American radio sucks."
German, "Ok, I see your point. Buy a NDW CD on ebay and you'll be happy."
by oh welles October 10, 2006
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