NCW is an abbreviation of Nigga Cootie War. The NCW was a war between The Poggers and The butthole( Go search up on youtube Nigga cootie war poggers butthole for more Info). Millions of people died in this war, but finally the poggers and their cringe had been destroyed. The reason it's called The Nigga Cootie War is because of the 9 niggas who fought to destroy the cootie which ended up in dividing the 9 niggas by 2, which meant one nigga had to be alone this one nigga created the poggers and the 2 groups of niggas created the butthole to defeat The One Nigga.
Person1: Do you know about the NCW?
Person2: Shut the fuck up, my dad died in that war.
Person1: Was he poggers or butthole?
Person2: Poggers.
Person1: Your dad supported The One Nigga?
Person2: Yes , he did and I also do.
Person1: The prepare to die!
by The One Nigga to Kill Them All February 24, 2021
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Abbreviation for non-creepy way. Saying that something could be taken creepily but that was not the intention.
I love you ncw!

Wow! Since you included "ncw", I know not to take that in an awkward way!
by graciebobacie5 February 1, 2011
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A child conceived during the period of time during the beginning of the pandemic where condoms sold out.

(No Condom Week)
Uncle: what’s wrong with your kid?!

Mom: I don’t know, he’s an NCW-kid


*family fight*
Kid: Dad mom Why don’t you love me as much as the other siblings

Dad: Because you’re an NCW kid.
Mom: Why would you tell him!!
Dad: I couldn’t take it anymore. He had to know!

Mom: Fine! You know, there were no condoms in the beginning of the pandemic, but your dad and me were really horny… But we still do love you
by nora the explorer January 23, 2022
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