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A nigga crack whore. A girl or guy possibly in jail or out of jail who is black or wants to be black and does crack and sells their body for under $10 for crack kilos
Dude my moms a NCW She even charged my dad 5 nickles so she can sniff some shit
Other dude: Yeah she even fucked me too for like 10 dimes. It was gooooood to.

Dude ur a fuckin weirdo
by Nigga wanna be April 30, 2006
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Abbreviation for non-creepy way. Saying that something could be taken creepily but that was not the intention.
I love you ncw!

Wow! Since you included "ncw", I know not to take that in an awkward way!
by graciebobacie5 January 31, 2011
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