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NC-4 Flying-Boat

The NC-4 Flying-Boat is a US naval World War II biplane. It was introduced in 1914 as a contestant in the transatlantic race from America to England. It was the first American plane to complete a transatlantic flight, so obviously, it beat the other competitors, the NC-1 sunk and the NC-3 was badly damaged. It has floats to allow it to sail and wings to allow it to fly; this is why it is called the “Flying-Boat”. Navy Curtiss built the NC-4.

Type: naval World War II biplane
Dimensions: span 38.4m; length 20.8m; height 7.4m
Payload: 5165kg
Speed: 146km/h
Range: 2366km
Ceiling: 1372m
The NC-4 won the Trans-Atlantic Race.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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