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Stands for Non-Biotic Life Form. An NBLF is a theoretical, future, robotic creation which has the AI and autonomy to interact with the world and carry on its existence, all without human interaction. An NBLF essentially has the characteristics and behaviors of an animal, except that they are created by humans out of inorganic metals, silicon, et cetera. The terminology comes from the leaked first chapters of the novel Max After Earth.
‎"What I can say is that I was created by Sans Biotica Laboratories and deemed complete early in 2028. Being a prototype unit for some of the most advanced NBLF technologies, and too expensive to mass produce, I am, if not so cliché as to be the last of my kind, then at least cliché enough to be the only one of my kind—a well-mannered and arguably better looking Frankenstein’s monster."
by bookileaks April 03, 2011
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