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The biggest joke ever resulting in the worst NBA champion of all time. The series where Dwyane Wade took more free throws in just 3 of the games than he did in the WHOLE 6 game Chicago series. The series where the refs cheated their asses off and Miami still only managed to get 3 of their 4 wins by a COMBINED 6 points. A plot to get Wade a ring before the rest of his overpaid team gets old and sucks even more and save him from being ringless and old like KG, AI, etc.
NBA Finals 2006 Commentary: Dwyane Wade drives to the hoop, stutters, pistol whips josh howard, goes up, defensive foul AND ONE!! The Miami Heat are your new NBA Champions!!
by Grant Hill October 07, 2006
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Something Miami won for the first time because

A. Dwyane Wade (the MVP) put up impressive numbers and beat all the odds, including leading his team to 4 straight wins, 1 of those in which Miami was down 13 points in the final quarter with 6 minutes and another of which was the winning one in dallas

B. Dallas played like crap while in miami

C. Did I mention Dwyane Wade put up impressive numbers?
"3 seconds left. Jason Terry shoots the 3...Misses! Dwyane Wade gets the rebound! And the Miami Heat win the NBA Finals 2006, their first title in franchise history!"
by Jsdkg dwauifhsa June 22, 2006
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