Abbreviation of "Not Good". A synonym for Bloopers in the Asian Drama world. Also an all purpose negative.
Actor corpses.


Boy trips and falls.

by oneandfiveandthree March 29, 2010
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Your pretty (nothing gay)
Your pretty (n.g)
by Kazcity June 25, 2019
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Real Definition: A Jack N.G. is an extremely short shemale even by midget standards.

Other definition: Furthermore, he is a part of the LGBTQS2+, which is ironic because he has publicly been seen to discriminate against both queer and other members of the LGBTQ2S+ society. Some of Jack's hobbies include racially profiling and discriminating against people of colour and enjoying long, passionate snack breaks. Some interesting facts about Jack include: clinically small wiener, extremely hot cousin, really shit at most video games.

Other definition: someone who loves to cause a scene
Jack N.G. is a shemale

Person 1: That guy is such a jack!
Person 2: God, that Jack just can't stop discriminating!
Person 3: God damn it Jack you aren't black stop saying the N word!!
Person 4: Jack, how can you possibly be so shit at this game!
by Elizabeth Gray April 21, 2022
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