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One who is not worthy of being on this planet, one is who can be of either sex sometimes both. One who thinks they are Cool in there own mind when to others a complete other most moron/idiot/slut/loser. Humiliates, self and others around them. One, who you hate for some reason.
I would just browsing when I was bored at school and realized how many people are complete morons, that’s show off stuff or them self’s in a humiliating way. Whether they think they are BIG, HOT, Gangster, or sexy. They or not or are just not really doing justice for them self’s.

Ex: That guy is a total myspace fag does he think he’s big or something what a joke.

There is a Blog about them
by Big greg January 28, 2006
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Any male who uses myspace as a means of acquiring friends, and thus self-esteem. It must be noted that without myspace friends or pics, this individual would have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Most of this individual's free-time is consumed checking in desperation for a new message or snooping on a virtual-friend's business. In a nutshell: no life, loser, myspace fag.
Sam: Did you know Eugene said he has a bunch of friends?

Muel: Yeah, but they're just myspace virtual-friends.

Sam: Oh, I knew he was a nerd. What a myspace fag.
by grenyeh69 February 03, 2008
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