Malayalam equivalent of fuck, in the sense it can be used and added almost anywhere and anytime between a sentence and is a symbol in itself.

feels top kek,when using thironthworam bhasha.
Original meaning is pubic hair.
English:fuck off
Malayalam :oodu myre/maire
What the fuck-ith enth mairu /myru

Real tight fucker :vallatha mairan/myran thanna

Fuckin hell :maire /myre pudungan
by SouthernGoyim May 17, 2017
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Also can be spelled as "myr" , slang for pubic hair in Malayalam. Rarely used in its literary meaning, it is commonly used for swearing.
Similar and versatile as the words fuck, shit etc. i.e can be used as a word for insult, contempt, cope, threat, anger, aggression, regret, failure, banter, exclamation and even for calling out your best friend. It depends on the premise and situation. Not recommended to use in front of the family.

"myru" with the second person suffix (you/hey) is used as "myre".
An individual of "myru" behaviour is called a "myran/myren" (masculine).
The word "myru" often combines with

other words and form slang phrases like "punda myru", "myru oombi", "myru moonji" etc.
1. Eppozhenkilumokke myru okke onn vadikk
(At least shave your pube once in a while)

2. Myru, ente Phoneile chargum theernnu

(Shit, My phone is out of power)

3. Myr moonji, nammude team potti

(Totally fucked up, our team has lost)

4. Neeyetheda myre

(Who the hell are you fucktard)
by Malayalam Lexicographer April 22, 2022
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a pothead, midnight baker dude that gets the munchies/hungry. this person is a cool person and a ass, but funny as hell.
( one person: that person is a pothead.
Two person: he's such a myrus.)
by Bring Nolan The Horizon June 27, 2010
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