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Oh wise one: She is smart, funny, successful, caring and Kind. She is Mischeivious, yet honest, and always there for those she loves when needed, yet she is rarely serious. Very goal oriented and curious. Strives to be the best she can be. Never gives up on something she wants or loves. She is Very strong minded and opiniated and may often come off as harsh, but she solely means to come off only as truth. She is a great provider and nurturer, loves whole heartedly. A little shy, and cautious, but very intuitive of others. She has a huge heart and likes to care for others. She is proud and driven and her strength is impowering. In one word.. she is grand and one of the best friends, lover, mother or daughter anyone can ask for.
Myndi is the type of person that anyone would want as a part of their life
by Mynnie Mouse February 05, 2010
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