A Myleigh is a blonde that is curvey and has beautiful eyes , usually blue. She is cute and loves french fries, she is very popular and is friends with everyone but loves to hang out with guys more often.
wow a myleigh im going to ask to hang out with her

I dont know bro she's pretty popular
by skittlestasteit April 1, 2012
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A Myleigh is a incredible person very sweet, very kind , Cares about everbody, Amazing kisser, Curvey, super smart, seems super outgoing at first but as you get to know her you start to see her real self witch is even more amazing. She has very good sense in style. Also is very stuborn. She says she is not cute but really is super super cute.
I wish i was a Myleigh
by Tlamb.13 November 4, 2019
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Kind and honest,can be a tad mean and the tiniest sliver explosive,but everybody knows she has a good heart.She can be very funny and sometimes off topic in school,but she is also very smart.A Myleigh has golden brown hair and hazel eyes,has a little trouble eating but you are gonna love her.
Dude,if you gonna date that Myleigh,don't ever let her go dude.Your gonna wanna keep her forever.
by Lemon cake and cats forever! February 3, 2021
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the best person in the whole world. calls people out when they need to be. smart. gay. pretty. beautiful.
hot guy #1: myleigh is really gay hot pretty beautiful at the same time.
me: yes slay!
by peninsinmoith June 19, 2022
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