She is my person. If I killed someone she is the one that would help me drag the corps across the floor. She is my person
by Doctor_awesome July 20, 2015
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A person with whom you have attained the highest level of friendship. Coined from Grey's Anatomy.
Beka is my person, I cannot imagine my life without her
by Lealea May 1, 2014
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Your person is someone you tell everything to, you talk about your person and think about them and they are you right hand human and your best friend
Human 1: your my person

Human 2: awe thanks your mine too
by Grey.loves March 1, 2021
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A respectful way to introduce an individual of significant importance before a relationship title has been established.
Lisa this is my person Tony. Tony this is my mom Lisa.
by creatorofquinn May 22, 2019
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The one that gets me. The one that sees what no one else bothers to. The one willing to understand past relationship issues that cause a female/male not to want a label. They are trusting, kind, forgiving, and never afraid to show love.The one that calls me out on my shit. The one that keeps me in check without a label. He/she is the perfect match to my crazy. Gentle and emotional without being a push over and able to really Man the fuck up when needed. My person own that male/female who cares enough to hold my hand at the Doctor, and call when I'm not home to make sure I'm safe. The one who makes sure I know I'm beautiful no matter how many times I ask them not to say nice things due to past relationship trauma. My person is hard to get to know but once you let them in they are your best friend, tether to reality, loyal as a mother fucker soul mate all while still not having more than the label of "MY PERSON" but the ones close to us know what it means.
When its closing time, I always go home to my one and only, my person.
by C.falling4.J February 13, 2020
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Someone who is not necisarrily your boyfriend or girlfriend but is still your favorite person in the whole world. You would do anything for this person and want to be with them all the time.
by Redheadalphaxi December 27, 2014
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someone that i like and i love spending time with not exactly a boy/girlfriend but my “person”
im with my person.
by youngma February 10, 2019
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