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Your bee is usually the person that has came into your life threw pure luck, however she has managed to tangle herself deeply into your thoughts. Shes thoughtful and smart with the biggest heart of all. Truly a wonder to see, she will leave you forever wanting just one more second with her. She loves her friends, family and will always make a flawless mother. She will guide you when its dark and give you hope when you are lost. Never loose a bee, they are deadly but sweet. The most beautiful of all and too modest to admit it. Kinky as fuck, with all the right skills. Leah will never leave you dissatisfied, day or night.

youll be lucky to find a bee, there is only one and I hear she is taken.
Youll be lucky to marry a my bee just be sure to get expensive champagne and a nice hotel!!!
by Sheeest. October 15, 2017
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