Memories of you invade my mind as I sat today remembering our time at(Rick's Cafe)watching the SUNSET,you were all ways hot & had the most amazing smile could light up any room,man a stare at you like waa 😛
I was so happy when we were together not like the women nowadays too materialistic you really knew how to love & be loved you never once left me wanting anybaddy else. I could build with you & even if wi was dirt poor a you me still would wan be with.

Cottage in Negril was we song & all ways remind me of you 🥰My Sweet Empress you really knew how to put it on me in all WAYS we craved each other I don't know about everyone else 4 times a day we use to say it was all de fish I man a eat LOL.You were & still are the most SEXIEST woman I ever met. Hope he knows what to do with all dat sexiness..I don't know how Jah made someone so beautiful & perfect for me I all ways thought we would sekkle down have the kids then live nuff life as we a com fram far
Mon a UK don't know how to love & cherish them woman especially the ones who trade places. The black woman is the mother of all creation My beautiful Black Queen be prouda you self & you culture you a the realist that is why I man love you All Ways no matter what

Yuh a goodas!
My Sweet Jamaican Empress
by Janet21 March 2, 2023
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Errol's WifeMy Sweet Empress you been running cross my mind recently & I'm so concerned bout

you it's just a feeling we use to get bout each other & all ways went everywhere together we were never apart.I miss you so much words can never explain. You such a good woman Jah know
all the time me wish a me you did marry it still hurts,but I want you to happy.Remember how me family did love you arf,it still bring tears to my eye it tun out dem did right bout the next girl she was never right for me at all she wanted was to show off to say she have a nice looking man. She couldn't do nuttin apart from sit down a watch other people business I needed you eena life so could build together I still love you I would do anything just to hold you & wake up next to you again 💕 love you all ways
Errol's Wife My Sweet Jamaican Empress

My Sweet Jamaican Empress I wonder when I'll ever you again, I love you more than words can say & maybe taking a trip up really soon 😊
by Janet21 March 15, 2023
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I been up most of the night reminiscing about your sweet sexy smile you all ways make me feel happy when I used to wake up to you with your beautiful baby soft skin. Do you remember how I used to run my fingers up & down that smooth back of yours & the way I used to squeeze you tight?No other woman I come across has a back or ass as smooth & sexy as yours.
I want you to be happy,but remember if Errol should ever fall short you know where I am I know you're not the fool around type you're LOYAL to the Maxx that's why I still love you!
No one else comes close to you My Sweet Jamaican Empress
by Janet21 February 24, 2023
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